Thursday, October 18, 2012

Apple Pie a la Whoa!

Boy, do my Little Learners love apples!  They enjoyed every moment of our apple unit.  As the culminating activity for our unit, we baked an Apple Crumb Pie.  My Little Learners were beyond excited about cooking their own treats!  Enjoy the peek at our hands-on fun!

My VERY happy helpers!!



A super easy recipe that is super yummy!

Just a little cinnamon, sugar, flour, spices and apples.  
Add a little mix of butter, sugar, and flour on the top!

Hooray for Apple Crumb Pie!

Peace, Love & Apple Crumb Pie!

Jessica Purtell

Wednesday, October 17, 2012

Apples, Apples, Apples!

What a wonderful start to Fall!  My Little Learners and I have spent time investigating, graphing, tasting, writing, and learning all about different types of apples.  In our first week of our Apple unit, students participated in a Five Senses, Survey, Graphing, and writing activities.

Red Delicious, Golden Delicious, & Granny Smiths
Let the tasting begin!

Initially, we only tasted the Red Delicious apples.  We brainstormed apple descriptions using our Five Senses.  Students chose they favorite adjectives and created the below activity. 

Students crunched and munched on all three types of apples.  They then decided which apple was their personal favorite.  They received a colored apple to indicate their favorite and used them to create a large class graph.

Students used the information from our class graph to practice their Same, More, & Fewer math skills on the below graphic organizer.

Our apple discovery even branched out into the uses, parts, and life cycle of an apple!

Would the activity really be complete without a little arts integration?  Students were shown various artist renditions of apple orchards.  They then completed their own masterpieces using drawing chalk.  I'm so proud of my Little Learners' creativity!

Peace, Love & Apples!

Jessica Purtell
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