Saturday, January 26, 2013

And we meet again...

So, when the school year started this year, I promised myself that I would be committed to keeping up with this blog.  I have to admit, I have failed miserably!  Fret not, I have returned with a renewed commitment!  I was going through my new photos that I wanted to post, when I came across some that I simply couldn't get rid of!  A little while back, my students and I took a trip to our locate zoo.  Let the exploration and excitement commence!

Fueling up for our fun-filled afternoon!  Such little hams!

 The infamous Albino Alligator!  I have seen him many times, but have never actually seen him move.  I was starting to think they he was stuffed!  This time we got to see him move!  He's alive!

 Loving every minute of it!

The tiger was their favorite part!  He just walked back and forth, putting on a show!

Together we can move mountains.... or at least very big boulders! 

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